Chandler Invite | Girls XC Team Scores Between Both Sessions

We decided to look at all of the results for Saturday's Chandler Invite and try to figure out who would have been the overall winners if it was scored like a traditional cross country race.

What we did was simply take each team's top seven runners and made them the "varsity" team. Then we took the next seven runners and made them the "JV" team. If a team didn't have enough runners for a varsity or JV squad then we left those teams out of the scoring. Teams with more than 14 runners will not see those athletes' names on either the varsity scoring (shown below) or the JV scoring (which we will have later).

Once we removed the JV runners from the varsity, we reordered the places and then scored this hypothetical "meet", which you see below.

We understand that some teams may have run only 5 or 6 runners if there were a varsity race, but we tried to make it simple and not guess what 6 or 7 runners may have helped his team more in the JV race.

We also understand that not all teams ran their top runners at Chandler, so this necessarily doesn't mean these teams will end up this way by year's end. Lastly, we didn't differentiate between Division I, II, III, or IV in the scoring.


(Use the links to see th hypothetical boys' breakdown of JV and varsity team scores at Chandler Invite)

Team ScorePlaceNameGradeSchoolTimeTeam
1Lauren Ping10Desert Vista High School17:05.2
2Katie Sigerud11Desert Vista High School17:44.5
16Olivia Thatcher12Desert Vista High School18:59.9
20Emily Littlefield10Desert Vista High School19:11.91
7839Eve Boardman12Desert Vista High School19:53.1
45Brooklyn Hanania9Desert Vista High School20:02.1
48Bailee Christofis10Desert Vista High School20:11.5
6Taylor Lovell11Perry High School18:36.6
7Kylie Miller12Perry High School18:37.5
8Sara Jones9Perry High School18:38.0
41Kennedy Nolde12Perry High School19:55.72
11856Kate Miller12Perry High School20:23.7
58Sidni Stevens11Perry High School20:26.8
64Rylee Engelken12Perry High School20:31.9
5Kayla Case10Highland High18:24.4
21Emma Baugh10Highland High19:21.3
34Sophie Mann10Highland High19:46.3
38Marina Dear12Highland High19:52.53
14850Emma Finchum12Highland High20:14.2
51Kathryn Sewell10Highland High20:18.9
67Story Alexander12Highland High20:41.3
10Kyah Zurek9Casteel18:39.3
13Jadyn Herron-Jonap11Casteel18:55.2
30Natalia Medina9Casteel19:41.9
42Kara Johnston12Casteel19:56.74
15459Sydnee Elliott11Casteel20:27.1
72Melia Hecht12Casteel20:48.2
103Riley Davis11Casteel21:32.1
3Rujuta Sane11Hamilton High School18:04.4
22Anna Haralson12Hamilton High School19:22.0
37MaKena Thornton12Hamilton High School19:51.9
52Taylor Vance12Hamilton High School20:19.75
18773Connie Escobar12Hamilton High School20:49.3
75Sage Patzer10Hamilton High School20:50.1
135Allison Maslin11Hamilton High School22:05.9
11Sophia Noriega9Chandler High School18:46.1
15Sophia Hackett12Chandler High School18:57.2
29Ava Potts11Chandler High School19:41.2
62Lauren Kazaroff10Chandler High School20:31.16
19376Sarah Plant12Chandler High School20:50.9
97Alyssa Lewis11Chandler High School21:19.3
158Marissa Hernandez9Chandler High School22:46.9
9Taylor Jacobs11Red Mountain High School18:38.5
24Kate Brockman12Red Mountain High School19:29.5
27Ariel Fendenheim11Red Mountain High School19:38.0
66Kayla Hansen11Red Mountain High School20:38.97
22498Madison Burkholder10Red Mountain High School21:19.8
105Selah Akers9Red Mountain High School21:33.3
141Emma Jones10Red Mountain High School22:12.3
26Tessa Christiansen9Mesa Mountain View High School19:32.5
31Abigail Welch12Mesa Mountain View High School19:42.9
33Eliza Elcock11Mesa Mountain View High School19:44.8
57Ryanna Petersen12Mesa Mountain View High School20:26.18
22982Annie Kocherhans12Mesa Mountain View High School20:58.2
83Avery Juvan11Mesa Mountain View High School20:58.3
84Mikelle Schild10Mesa Mountain View High School21:01.8
18Evelynne Carr10American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)19:06.0
36Ashley Brewer12American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)19:49.1
44Talya Workman9American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)19:59.3
100Mckenzie Fears12American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)21:28.010
304106Teagan Fears10American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)21:34.6
169Sarah Larson9American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)23:11.9
188Alyssa Soria11American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)24:06.6
19Cami Merickel12Pinnacle High School19:10.7
47Kiarra Briggs9Pinnacle High School20:11.0
69Sophia Merickel10Pinnacle High School20:43.1
88Paige Stockford11Pinnacle High School21:04.611
31390Paige Harris9Pinnacle High School21:06.7
96Nalani Briggs11Pinnacle High School21:17.3
113Naomi Rosin10Pinnacle High School21:39.1
23Eryca Fawkes10Arizona College Prep19:25.5
25Lauren Harsen10Arizona College Prep19:32.0
53Isabel Brady10Arizona College Prep20:21.0
81Devon Baggot12Arizona College Prep20:58.012
324142Alyssa Ackerman10Arizona College Prep22:13.5
175Zoe Turnbow11Arizona College Prep23:29.6
218Abby Tawney10Arizona College Prep26:25.5
4Kylie Wild10Salpointe Catholic High School18:16.7
43Maria Fernanda Ruiz de Ch11Salpointe Catholic High School19:57.3
78Bella Caldwell10Salpointe Catholic High School20:53.2
85Reagan Kraft12Salpointe Catholic High School21:01.913
339129Alex Montano9Salpointe Catholic High School21:57.1
130Anaelle Depoint11Salpointe Catholic High School21:57.7
140Paulina Aguilar9Salpointe Catholic High School22:11.5
35Angelina Hickey9Corona del Sol High School19:48.1
63Dalee Higgins12Corona del Sol High School20:31.7
79Ashlinn Aguayo11Corona del Sol High School20:54.8
80Ashley Lutes11Corona del Sol High School20:56.414
34487Kimberly Musgrave10Corona del Sol High School21:02.8
94Peyton Burnside12Corona del Sol High School21:13.8
116Teadora Zawilak12Corona del Sol High School21:42.0
40Mary Evans11Saguaro High School19:53.7
55Lucy Herbert11Saguaro High School20:22.4
65Unique Zuniga11Saguaro High School20:35.3
93Aranea Dunkley12Saguaro High School21:08.815
354101Carmen Kathol10Saguaro High School21:29.5
195Isabella Smith11Saguaro High School24:25.0
239Gabrielle Weigel9Saguaro High School27:31.3
14Madison Davis11Sandra Day O Connor High School18:56.9
46Allena Fugatt12Sandra Day O Connor High School20:07.8
68Maddy Autry9Sandra Day O Connor High School20:41.4
119Amelia Long11Sandra Day O Connor High School21:46.816
397150Jasmine Berti12Sandra Day O Connor High School22:21.2
172Eliannah Autry10Sandra Day O Connor High School23:19.9
207Ria Rich10Sandra Day O Connor High School25:13.3
60Alessandra Allocca9McClintock High School20:29.0
61Annie Killian9McClintock High School20:29.3
91Ella Zeiders12McClintock High School21:07.1
95Taylor McLane10McClintock High School21:16.317
433126Olivia Fisher12McClintock High School21:53.3
161Samantha Tillett9McClintock High School22:50.7
162Rachael Pabst12McClintock High School22:52.0
70Abby Oberfield9Skyline High School20:45.5
89Stephany Rodriguez11Skyline High School21:05.2
92Silicea Price12Skyline High School21:08.1
108Sydney Jelleberg11Skyline High School21:34.618
477118Mayte Manuel9Skyline High School21:45.5
123Natalya Pooley12Skyline High School21:51.3
127Cara Janes12Skyline High School21:53.9
28Alona Haymore10Queen Creek High School19:41.1
77Kamrie Johnson10Queen Creek High School20:52.1
111Brooke Stradling12Queen Creek High School21:37.3
143Kayla Kaade11Queen Creek High School22:15.019
504145Kendra Guest10Queen Creek High School22:16.2
152Addison Yarn10Queen Creek High School22:28.3
153Kaeleigh Siders10Queen Creek High School22:39.5
17Clara Jones9Campo Verde High School19:00.9
99Kaitlyn Bowe12Campo Verde High School21:20.6
124Maddy Reising9Campo Verde High School21:51.6
136Sara Eltiste11Campo Verde High School22:06.220
514138Victoria Mask12Campo Verde High School22:08.7
148Remi Stubbs9Campo Verde High School22:19.4
160Evie Tanella10Campo Verde High School22:49.8
54Reyna Silva10Xavier College Preparatory20:21.2
102Olivia Charles10Xavier College Preparatory21:29.7
104Calista Flick10Xavier College Preparatory21:32.9
110Naomi Young10Xavier College Preparatory21:36.521
517147Emily Manuelito10Xavier College Preparatory22:17.5
151Sarai Arkeveld10Xavier College Preparatory22:22.4
159Summer Goodman9Xavier College Preparatory22:48.2
12Landen LeBlond9Millennium High School18:49.6
107Faith Quine11Millennium High School21:34.6
109Genevieve Hegarty12Millennium High School21:35.2
134Britney Perera10Millennium High School22:01.422
538176Jadyn Harwood9Millennium High School23:33.7
205Sophie Miga9Millennium High School25:05.7
252Angelina Mena9Millennium High School29:51.0
49Laci Simmons12Higley High School20:12.9
71Lucy Lines11Higley High School20:46.8
74Isabella Marchisio12Higley High School20:49.4
181Hayley Poll12Higley High School23:45.323
565190Macey Randall12Higley High School24:14.9
32Liberty Anglin12Shadow Ridge High School19:43.8
112Bailey Smith11Shadow Ridge High School21:37.5
139Abigail Theis12Shadow Ridge High School22:10.0
146Makayla Hoover12Shadow Ridge High School22:16.824
584155Kaia Wood12Shadow Ridge High School22:41.6
165Abby O' Connor11Shadow Ridge High School23:03.1
166Addison Hodge9Shadow Ridge High School23:03.8
86Kirsten Denbleyker12Valley Christian High School21:02.6
115Kaitlyn Cochran12Valley Christian High School21:41.8
117Alyssa Smith11Valley Christian High School21:44.0
137Abby Arneson11Valley Christian High School22:07.725
655200Kyla Brecht11Valley Christian High School24:33.0
228Hannah Arenson10Valley Christian High School26:54.8
233Beka Loechelt9Valley Christian High School27:21.7
122Riley Burger10Desert Ridge High School21:49.8
125Jyntry Rucker12Desert Ridge High School21:52.0
132Addie Lambson11Desert Ridge High School22:00.8
133Emma Snyder12Desert Ridge High School22:01.426
685173Jordan Bowers11Desert Ridge High School23:25.7
183Nora Hoopes11Desert Ridge High School23:49.1
187Kendyl Patters9Desert Ridge High School23:56.5
114Valeria Zavalza12Poston Butte21:41.5
164Jane Crockett11Poston Butte22:59.2
167Larenia Murray10Poston Butte23:06.0
168Elena Escanuela12Poston Butte23:11.527
790177Natalie Fox10Poston Butte23:34.0
193Annabelle Sauber10Poston Butte24:22.6
201Kachina Blaser11Poston Butte24:36.1
121Reagan Nolde10Basha High School21:48.6
149Larken Hoar11Basha High School22:20.0
163Kellyn Nault10Basha High School22:57.4
179Rachel Ortiz11Basha High School23:42.528
794182Hailey Blenkle10Basha High School23:46.4
189Amy Nielson10Basha High School24:14.9
191Brandi Vallera10Basha High School24:16.5
157Daniela Quilantan10Paradise Valley High School22:46.5
171Evelyn Garciaherna12Paradise Valley High School23:15.9
196Chloe Connor11Paradise Valley High School24:30.1
197Lexi Connor9Paradise Valley High School24:30.529
920199Margrette Symingto10Paradise Valley High School24:32.2
222Rashaun Norcross12Paradise Valley High School26:38.3
120Mattie Diedrick12Gilbert High School21:48.2
128Halle Lindfors11Gilbert High School21:56.8
217Hannah Pak12Gilbert High School26:13.2
223Ashlyn Mckendrick12Gilbert High School26:44.230
922234Darvia Ford10Gilbert High School27:23.6
256Chaille Driggers12Gilbert High School33:03.9
144Amelia Thoele10Willow Canyon High School22:15.1
185Alyssa Robichaud11Willow Canyon High School23:53.6
192Ashlyn Williams11Willow Canyon High School24:21.7
202Isabella Pineda10Willow Canyon High School24:45.431
926203Jailyn Jacob12Willow Canyon High School24:47.4
210Iris Baker10Willow Canyon High School25:28.7
216Alyssa Pena9Willow Canyon High School26:10.7
156Ella Lahr10Notre Dame Preparatory22:44.2
170Abigail Oxentenko9Notre Dame Preparatory23:14.8
214Catherine Pipitone10Notre Dame Preparatory25:40.1
219Ava Handel9Notre Dame Preparatory26:33.532
979220Hannah Trujillo9Notre Dame Preparatory26:33.6
221Mary Kate Ozlanski11Notre Dame Preparatory26:35.1
232Katie Cafferelli10Notre Dame Preparatory27:05.6
131Carly Ybarra10Centennial High School22:00.4
184Jo-Anne Harraway9Centennial High School23:50.6
212Serena Spacht11Centennial High School25:33.8
235Emily Benson11Centennial High School27:25.333
1017255Crystal Bond11Centennial High School32:46.6
178Isabel Torok12Yuma Catholic23:34.9
186Christine Conte10Yuma Catholic23:54.3
198Rylie Stevenson10Yuma Catholic24:31.7
227Marlee Hewlett10Yuma Catholic26:51.734
1039250Olivia Jones9Yuma Catholic28:52.9
154Kristen Keating11St. Mary's Catholic High School22:41.3
204Faith Samuel12St. Mary's Catholic High School24:54.5
206Lily Fairbanks10St. Mary's Catholic High School25:08.3
238Michelle Rivera11St. Mary's Catholic High School27:30.435
1055253Theresa Paletta10St. Mary's Catholic High School31:11.1
257Arianna Dominguez10St. Mary's Catholic High School33:15.6
194Anabelle Dayley12Maricopa High School24:23.6
224Frances Trast12Maricopa High School26:45.8
226Stephanie Vasquez Rocha11Maricopa High School26:51.4
230Grace Lunceford11Maricopa High School27:02.036
1105231Ailed Cota Montoya12Maricopa High School27:03.3
240Lauren Grist11Maricopa High School27:47.9
241Ebony Griffin12Maricopa High School27:48.1
208Suzannah Quayle9Veritas Preparatory Academy25:15.4
209Maya Jenkins11Veritas Preparatory Academy25:17.5
211Maddeline Mitchell9Veritas Preparatory Academy25:29.2
225Jacqueline Hyatt11Veritas Preparatory Academy26:48.837
1112259Dorothy Maafu9Veritas Preparatory Academy34:58.3
260Liani Ortiz9Veritas Preparatory Academy35:07.2
261Claire Weiland9Veritas Preparatory Academy37:36.5
180Fallon Sannes11Chandler Preparatory Academy23:44.8
236Julia Saunders12Chandler Preparatory Academy27:27.5
237Rachel Ouellette12Chandler Preparatory Academy27:27.8
242Riley Zapata12Chandler Preparatory Academy27:48.638
1139244Lauren Kemper12Chandler Preparatory Academy28:15.2
213Aleksandra Reno9North Phoenix Prep25:39.8
215Michaela Wahlheim12North Phoenix Prep25:54.0
229Marianne Rotchford9North Phoenix Prep26:59.3
245Natalie Wilson10North Phoenix Prep28:23.839
1148246Mckenna Martin9North Phoenix Prep28:29.0
249Cheyenne Wahlheim11North Phoenix Prep28:50.6
251Dagny Mccrory11North Phoenix Prep29:08.2
174Alexis Ortiz9Lincoln Preparatory Academy23:29.2
243Eileen Fitzgibbons10Lincoln Preparatory Academy27:52.3
247Gillian Krebs10Lincoln Preparatory Academy28:45.4
248Kiana Warren10Lincoln Preparatory Academy28:45.840
1166254Hannah Jamison9Lincoln Preparatory Academy31:48.4
258Eleni Canez12Lincoln Preparatory Academy33:42.1