NAU's Luis Grijalva Surges Past Drew Hunter in 3K

Tinman Elite categorizes itself as a team as stated on their "Our Story" page on its website:

We are not a group, social movement, or track club. We are a team that pushes and cares for each other in pursuit of establishing ourselves as one of the most respected and recognized running teams in the world

Drew Hunter the former Louden Valley high school running phenom, shocked the running world in 2016 by turning pro with Adidas right out of high school. Drew, plus another twelve runners make up the Tinman Elite team that is based out of Boulder, Colorado. 

With high athletic aspirations and goals for all of the Tinman Elite runners, it is essential that they not only continue to train at a high level but test themselves periodically on their competitive fitness. With Covid-19, it has been logistically challenging to come up with some sort of competition for the team. But, Coach Matt Lincoln of Chandler High School had a possible solution. Coach Lincoln, who himself was a former Canadian National Team runner, had some connections with Tinman Elite who were looking for a track to have Drew Hunter and Jamaine Coleman run a 3k on the track with the goal of going through in 3:50 and seeing how they would react in the last 1500 meters. Coach Lincoln was already having a team 3200-meter time-trial this past Saturday and so he thought it would be safe to allow a small group of Tinman Elite athletes, collegiate and post-collegiate runners on the track as well. 

In this crazy and horrific year of 2020, there have been still times of fun and wonderment - last night was one of those times. To get a chance to be that close to world-class athletes on a local track in Arizona on a Saturday night was a treat for the small group in attendance.

Joining these two Tinman runners on the track were Luis Grijalva of NAU, pace-setter Jackson Lewis of ASU, John Reniewicki who is a former ASU standout, Caleb Easton of NAU, Garrett O'Toole who was an all-time great collegiate runner for Princeton University, Cade Burks of NAU, Corey Corgas of NAU, and Nico Young (NAU) who was a high school phenom in 2019 and is the national record holder in the 3000 meters, rounded out the group.

* Full 3,000 meter race

- - - 

The front pack of Hunter, Grijalva, Reniewicki, and Coleman came through the 1600 meters in 4:11 looking strong and poised. At the 2000-meter split, it was just Hunter and Grijalva putting some meters between Reniewicki and Coleman, who were now a few seconds behind. And while the time-trial was to mainly benefit Drew and Jamaine, Luis Grijalva took advantage of having a handful of world-class runners in his midst and put down a 1:57 last 800 meters to outlast Drew Hunter to run 7:42 in the 3000 meters. Drew came through 7:45. Jamaine Coleman was third in 7:53 and John Reniewicki was fourth in 7:56. 

Full results can be found here

Post-race footage of Drew and Jamaine after their 3000-meter time trial.