AZ 2014 Track and Field Watch List - Nick Dale


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Journal Questions:


Name:  Nick Dale  (Nick's Milesplit Profile)


High School:   Mountain Ridge High School


Year of Graduation: 2014


Track and Field PR's:

800:  1:58 (split relay)

1600: 4:19

3200: 9:30


When did you first get involved with track and field?  How long have you been running:

I first started running in seventh grade to get in shape for soccer and now I’ve quit soccer to focus on running, how ironic.


What is a typical training week like for you?

I run a small speed workout on Monday, workouts on Tuesday and Friday with some easy day in between. Then on Saturday I have a long run.


What are your goals for the upcoming track season?

I would like to set my school record in the 1600 and 3200 and just have fun.


How do you prepare yourself mentally for a race?  Do you have any superstitions?

I hardly think about the race until I’m on the starting line, I figure what’s going to happen is going to happen and there isn’t anything I can do about it so why waste the energy worrying about it. So I don’t really get nervous before any races either. I don’t have any superstitions but I do like wearing my funny socks, headbands and sometimes spandex in races.


What does your season look like and will you be competing in any out of state track meets during the season or post high school season?

I will be running a couple races in State (Torro Relays, Brophy Invitational, Sun Angel, Chandler and a few smaller ones) and no out of State races as of now. Post season my team normally goes to the Meet of Champions and I hope to be able to run there again.


What message would you tell younger runners who aspire to be at the top?

Train hard but never stop having fun, once you stop having fun you will stop progressing and end up just hating it.


If you had to attribute your success to one thing, what would it be?

My determination, I never quit and never slow down even in training which has really allowed me to hit new levels.


Do you have role models or mentors in track and field?

My coaches are my mentors. They help me every step of the way and their knowledge has been priceless to me.


How many events do you compete in and which event is your favorite?

I compete in three, 1600, 3200 and 800, four if you count relays, but the 1600 is my favorite closely followed by the 3200


What are 3 things we don't know about you?

  1. I love meeting new people so feel free to come and say hi.
  2. I enjoy being in water more than being on land.
  3. I scored a 34 on my ACT with a perfect score in science.


Best thing your coach ever said to you?

Coach Tate tells me to trust in my training and that I’m ready to run fast which is always true, and my dad always tells me to remember to move my legs faster before every race.


Shout Outs?

To Justin and R.J. for always making practice fun and running with me!


Quick 6:


Favorite Pre-race Meal?

Peanut butter sandwiches and a bananas


Favorite Winter Olympic Sport?

I think the halfpipe events are the most fun to watch


Favorite Meet?

ASU Sun Angel Invite


Cross Country or Track and Field?

Cross Country training but Track racing


Perfect temperature to compete in?

70 and cloudy


Favorite song at the moment?

Any song by Muse