AZ 2014 Track and Field Watch List - Anthony Burley


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Journal Questions:


Name:  Anthony Burley  (Anthony's Milesplit Profile)


High School:   Sahuaro High School


Year of Graduation: 2014


Track and Field PR's:

300 H:  39.35 

100M:  11.25

Deca Score:  5299


When did you first get involved with track and field?  How long have you been running:

 I First got involved in track and field in elementary school for the city meet. But I did not run in middle school or freshmen year. I started running the hurdles and sounding my technique sophomore year of high school


.What is a typical training week like for you?

 A typical training week for me would be a speed or speed endurance work out Mon-wen-fri with technique days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Also I do light weights during the school day.


What are your goals for the upcoming track season?

 My goals for the upcoming season are to break the school record in the 300 hurdles and win state in multiple events.


How do you prepare yourself mentally for a race?  Do you have any superstitions?

 To prepare my self mentally for a race the day before. I always take a shower and eat earlier the usual. Then I play a game of madden to calm my nerves. The last thing I do is visualize my self running the race and knowing what I will have to do to win. I don’t believe in superstitions but I believe in a good routine that you make your own.


What does your season look like and will you be competing in any out of state track meets during the season or post high school season?

 My season looks pretty basic compared to most athletes.  Just dual meets and a few in state invitationals no out of state meets sadly.


What message would you tell younger runners who aspire to be at the top?

 I would tell younger athletes to always try there hardest in practice and take every stretch and workout the coaches tell you to do seriously. Also to never doubt your abilities as a athlete anything is possible.


If you had to attribute your success to one thing, what would it be?

 If I had to attribute my success to one thing it would be hard work and dedication to the sport


Do you have role models or mentors in track and field?

I have a lot of mentors but the most important are my coaches. There always there for advice and motivation if needed. Also Lolo Jones is pretty good.


How many events do you compete in and which event is your favorite?

 I compete in every event under a mile run but out of all these events my favorite would be a tie with both hurdle races.


What are 3 things we don't know about you?

  1. I tore my ACL early junior year.
  2. I plan on joining the Navy after I graduate.
  3. I'll beat anyone in "Just Dance."


Shout Outs?

 I would like to give shout outs to my Mom and dad for always supporting me. Also to my track brother Brian Jacobs for always pushing me and me always pushing him.


Quick 6:


Favorite Pre-race Meal?

Turkey breast sandwich with the works from subway.


Favorite Winter Olympic Sport?

Long program for team figure skating.

Favorite Meet?

Chandler Invitational


Cross Country or Track and Field?

Track and Field


Perfect temperature to compete in?

80-95 degrees - I like it hot!!


Favorite song at the moment?

“She Knows” JCole