Tonn and Shrader top the 2008 Cross Country Pre-Season Countdown

 It is not easy trying to pick runners when times can be affected by so many variables.  Some Cross Country courses are hilly while others are flat, some days are hotter than others and some runners just have a bad day.  The runners were picked based on a few key meets such as "Doug Conley" and the State Meet.  The Doug Conley Meet was used as a reference because many of the runners ran in the same meet, on the same day, at the same time so it was a little easier to compare.  We then added the State Meet and a few others into the equation to come up with 17 runners.  If you do not find yourself in the top it does not mean you will not be there the first week of the season.  Everything will change depending on how well your summer training went.  

# 1


Xavier Prep (5A-I)

Jessica is a Milesplit National Elite runner and a two time Footlocker finalist.  Her fastest time in cross country during the 2007 season was 17:35 at Footlocker West (rain course).  Other highlights include Doug Conley Champion, George Young Invitational Champion, Scottsdale Running Company Champion, 2nd at Mt. Sac invitational, 3rd at the State Meet, 3rd at Footlocker West Regionals and 20th at Footlocker Nationals.  Jessica also has five State Championship titles, led the state in the 1600 and 3200 and is ranked 9th in the Nation in the 3200 and 16th in the 1600.  Milesplit National has ranked Jessica 2nd in the west behind Jordan Hasay and in the top 10 Nationally.  Jessica will be the #2 returnee at the Footlocker West Regionals as she makes a run for her 3rd berth on the National Team.

BRIAN SHRADER (JR) Sinagua (4A-II)  Brian is one of the top Junior runners in the country.  A National Elite runner with a solid cross country and track 2007-2008 season, Brian won both the Peaks and Four Corners Invitational, was second at the Mingus Invitational and was the State Champion in division 4A-II. With three State Championship titles Brian led the state in the 1600 running an impressive 4:15.80 at the Meet of Champions.  His fastest Cross Country time of 15:44.373 came at the Nike Team Southwest Regionals where he placed 8th.  Brian went on to place 30th at the Footlocker West Regionals and will be the 7th returnee when he returns to make a run for the National Team in December.  Milesplit National has also ranked Brian 9th in the West.


# 2


Mesa Mountain View (5A-I)

Cami is a Milesplit National Elite Cross Country runner, running her fastest time of 18:20.00 at the Nike Team Southwest Regionals last November.  She was also 5th at the Scottsdale Running Company Invite, 5th at the George Young Invite, 6th at the Doug Conley Invite and 6th at the 5A-I State Meet (7th Overall).  Cami had a great 2007 Cross Country Season and we will be looking for great things from her this fall.

TIM FRERIKS (SR)  Mingus (4A-II)  Tim is also a Milesplit National Elite Cross Country runner and had an outstanding 2007 Cross Country Season winning both the Bud Davis and Mingus Invites.  He came in 2nd at the Four Corners Invite and 4th in the 4A-II State Meet (9th Overall).  Tim's fastest time of the season (15:42.10) came at the Nike Team Southwest Regional where he placed 7th.  He then went on to place 23rd at the Footlocker West Regionals, making the Footlocker West Regional 3rd Team.  Tim will return to Footlocker West as the 5th returnee.


# 3


Xavier Colleg Prep (5A-I)

It's not easy being the teammate of one of the fasteset cross country runners in the country but Sarah Penney held her own during the track season.  Her fastest time in the 07 cross country came at the Footlocker West Regionals (Rain Course) where she placed 33rd. 

Sarah also placed 3rd at George Young Invite, 8th at Doug Conley and 8th at the 5A-I State Meet (12th Overall).  Sara had an outstanding track season leading the state in the 800.  She was also ranked 17th in the Nation in the 1600.  Sarah is also a Milesplit Elite cross country runner and will be a contender for Footlocker Nationals in December.

SHEROD HARDT (JR) Queen Creek (4A-II) A football player his freshman year, a wrestler his sophomore year, Sherod will concentrate on running his junior year.  His fastest time of 16:17.70 was at the 4A-II State Meet where he placed 2nd (6th overall).  Sherod also won the Mesquite Invitational, placed 2nd at the Queen Creek Invite, 3rd at Doug Conley and 16th at the NIke Regionals.  Hardt could also be a Footlocker contender.


# 4


Ironwood Ridge (5A-II)

Sara is a Milesplit National Elite running her fastest time of 18:57.10 at the 5A-II State Meet.  Sara won her division State Meet and her time was 9th overall. 

3rd at Marana Tiger Invite

6th at Ojo Rojo Invite

6th at Mesquite Invite



Ironwood Ridge (5A-II)

3rd at George Young Invite, 2nd at Scottsdale Running Company, 2nd at Doug Conley (16:03.43) and 7th at 5A-I State Meet (23rd overall)

Steve ran for Salpointe Catholic last fall before moving to Ironwood Ridge in January.  He may have to sit out this season but his post season out of state running last fall and his fast times place him in the top four. With his Junior year being so important we are confident he will be running out of state or un-attatched so we decided to include him in this ranking. 


# 5


Kofa (5A-II)

2nd at Rojo Ojo Invite

9th at Doug Conley Invitational

Stephanie ran her best time of 19:13.85 at the 5A-I state meet placing 2nd (11th Overall)



Cesar Chavez (5A-I) 

Won the Boulder Creek Invitional, 4th at Peaks Invite, fastest time of 16:13.18 came at the State Meet were he took 2nd in 5A-I  (5th Overall)

Humberto tends to run under the radar but his strong finishes in Cross Country and Track and Field will help him stand out this season.  




Catalina Magnet (4A-II)

5th at  Four Corners Invitational

10th at Doug Conley Invite running her fastest time of the year - 19:27.35


Shadow Mountain (4A-I0

1st  at Paradise Valley District Meet

5th at Doug Conley Invite

3rd in 4A-I State Meet (18th Overall)


# 7


Alhambra (5A-I)

7th at Peaks Invitational

8th at George Young Invite

5th at O'Connor Invite (improving her time from the year before by 38 seconds)

13th at Doug Conley Invite

21st in 5A-I State Meet (40th Overall)



Desert Vista (5A-I)

3rd at Ojo Rojo Invitational, 13th at Doug Conley Invite.  A few days after the Doug Conley Invitational Kellog suffered a season ending injuring but his start to the season and his Doug Conley race were good enough to put him in the top 7.


# 8


Salpointe Catholic (5A-I)

9th at Scottsdale Running Company Invite

13th at George Young Invite

15th at Doug Conley Invite

10th at 5A-I State Meet (16th Overall)



Mesa Mountain View (5A-I)

5th at George Young Invite

15th at Doug Conley Invite, 4th at 5A-I State Meet (16th Overall)


# 9


Cactus Shadows (4A-1)

6th at Scottsdale Running Co. Invite

4th at O'Connor Invite

4th at George Young Invite

4th at 4A-I State (24th Overall)


Scottsdale Christian (2A)

Won the 2A State Championships (8th overall at the state meet),  

 6th at Scottsdale Running Co. Invite,      12th at Four Corners.




Hamilton (5A-1)

3rd at Mingus Invite

9th at 5A-1 State Meet (15th Overall)


Snowflake (3A)

1st at Blue Ridge Invitational

6th at Four Corners

18th at Doug Conley Invite

2nd at 3A State Meet (21st verall)



# 11



Casa Grande (5A-1)

2nd at Tiger Invite

7th at Mesquite Invite

9th Ojo Rojo Invite

14th at Doug Conley Invite

14th at State Meet (23rd Overall)

 Season Best of 19:36.42 at Doug Conley


Rio Rico (4A-II)

2nd at Mesquite Invite, 7th Four Corners Invite, 7th at Doug Conley Invite, 9th in 4A-II State Meet (37th Overall), 52nd at Nike Regional Meet.  Fastest time of the season was 16:17.50 at Doug Conley.



# 12


Queen Creek (4A-II)

3rd at Queen Creek Invitational

4th at Mesquite Invitational

24th at Doug Conley Invite

3rd at 4A-II State Meet (19th Overall)



Camelback (5A-II)

Won the Metro Regionals

5th O'Connor, 10th Mingus, 13th at Mesquite, 4th at 5A-II State (27th Overall)