Bobcats Throw Down Hammers Along Desert Loop

A few weeks back, we caught up with Cienega cross country, for some speed work just nine days out from Desert Twilight. The Bobcats cranked out twelve 400-repeats along their campus' desert loop, which included a few surprise hammers in the mix. Following practice, the team made peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for some post-workout protein and fat to tide them over before dinner.

This season, Ayden Schilb will contend as one of several Division II heavy hitters, and is set on defending his D2 State Title from last year. This past spring, he ran 4:16 to finish runner-up in the D2 Boys' 1600m at the AIA Track and Field State Meet and one should never rule out his miler's kick which garnered him the victory lastat Cave Creek Golf Course.
Check out the Bobcats this weekend at the Rio Rico Rattler Invitational at Rio Rico High School.

Coach Josh Farr Says…

We don't generally prescribe a time as far as pace goes. We simply say 5k. Our thinking behind that is that races aren't dictated by a time and they need to learn how to race by feel. Obviously, we keep a watch on them to make sure they're in the zone. Also, our 'hammer' is simply what we would expect them to do in a race if they wanted to "surge" away from, or up to a group. Same idea as before applies as for its pace.

Workout Outline:

Warm-Up (5 min. jog)
Swings & Dynamic Drills
12x400m w/ 70 sec. rest with a few surprise hammers among the 12
Cool Down (10 min. jog)

Post-Workout Interviews

Cienega Boys - Cienega Girls

P.S. There have been some concerns in the past of people unable to hear the videos. To those who can't, hover over the bottom left-hand side and drag the volume dot to the right.