Aerobic - Power Combination Workout With The Thunder

A month ago, we caught up with the Desert Vista girls just eight days prior to their season opener at Desert Solstice. Here we saw the girls tackle one of their signature combination workouts beginning with a steady-state run, and then a threshold effort around Vista Canyon Park, followed afterward by hills, then back to school for critical velocity repeats on the track, before capping it off with some 200s at super-race pace.
In just two months, the newcomers to the program have adapted remarkably well to Desert Vista's academic and athletic programs. Earlier this month the Lady Thunder opened their season with a victory at Desert Solstice and at Woodbridge they finished 6th among some of the best teams in the country.
Come out to Casa Grande this Friday and watch how they bring the Thunder at the Desert Twilight XC Festival.
Workout Outline:
Warm-Up Drills
20-minute steady-state run
2-2.5 Mile Threshold Run
Ping sisters (6:06 - 6:16 pace)
O. Thatcher, K. Clausen, J. Gregory (6:30 - 6:45 pace)
M. Shoemaker, Q. Boardman, E. Boardman, S. Selin, E. Littlefield, A. Estrada, J. Nelson (6:40 - 6:50 pace)
5 - 6 hill sprints
Critical Velocity Repeats - cutting down from 6 - 5 min. pace
1200m - 3:10 rest / 1000m - 2:50 rest / 800m - 2:30 rest / 600m - 2:10 rest
5 x 200m @35-37 sec
Cool Down w/ static-stretch