Virtual Challenge #2: 2-Minute Exercise Challenge

I know we are all greatly disappointed with the official cancelation of the outdoor track and field season here in Arizona. But, hopefully, Arizona MileSplit can still be a valuable resource to you, and maybe a bit of levity or distraction during these difficult times.

2-Minute Virtual Challenge Explained


  1. Video yourself doing the 2-minute challenge (listed below) and send it to us at
  3. You can do this challenge as an individual or a "relay" (where each person does 1 of the exercises).
  4. A "relay team" is comprised of four different individuals of the same gender (i.e., girls or boys team). You don't need to be in the same location to do the relay. Each relay member will simply video himself/herself doing his/her 30-second exercise and then send all four videos into us. Make sure we know what team you're on. 
  5. You have to complete as many reps as possible of each of the four exercises in 30 seconds.
  6. You cannot skip any of the exercises
  7. You cannot do more than 30 seconds for any one exercise.
  8. This is continuous - no rest - we will allow no more than a 4-second transition time between exercises.
  9. You need to do the exercises in this precise order: push-ups, mountain climbers, successive tuck jumps, and burpees.
  10. When sending your video please make sure you state your FULL NAME, HIGH SCHOOL, THE OTHER MEMBERS ON YOUR TEAM (if applicable) AND NUMBER OF REPS in an email or upload.
  11. Send videos by 11:59 pm, Monday, April 6 to or share your virtual challenge videos here.
  12. We will show all videos of the athletes on our site for free by next week and will announce the winners as well.
  13. Divisions: 1) Individual Female 2) Individual Male 3) Male "Relay" (four different guys) 4) Female "Relay" (four different girls).
  14. Your team doesn't have to be from the same high school, but all athletes have to be high school track and field athletes this year.
  15. If you want to share these on your social media pages, please do with #milesplitazvirtual, but we still want them sent to us for our story as well.
  16. The two winning teams and individuals will be interviewed for an upcoming article in MileSplit AZ the following week. 


First 30 seconds: Push-Ups - Chest needs to touch the ground and elbows need to be fully extended on the way up.

Second 30 seconds: Mountain Climbers - 1 rep is when your legs go a full cycle. Ex. left up, right up "1", left up, right up "2" NOT left up "1", right up "2", etc.
Third 30 seconds: Successive Tuck Jumps - get those knees to the chest the best you can. Knees not at least waist-height won't count as a rep. You don't need to keep your hands out for these.

Fourth and final 30 seconds: Burpees - You have to jump up and have your chest touch the ground to count as a rep. 

Good luck and let's get this virtual 2-minute challenge started!