2-Minute Exercise Challenge Results

2-Minutes of Grit, Determination, and Focus

Leah Varela

Leah Varela is only an 8th grader but she competes at the high school level in New Mexico with Rio Rancho high school. She's a gutsy runner and a fierce competitor in our 2-Minute Challenge. Leah was able to pull off 26 push-ups, 44 mountain climbers, 39 tuck jumps, and 9 burpees in 2 minutes flat.

Northwest Christian High (Boys)

The boys for Northwest Christian put in a solid effort as members Jonah Archer, Thomas Lyons, Luke Poarch, and Noah Saries put together 10 push-ups, 38 mountain climbers, 36 tuck jumps (with flips - don't miss!), and 15 burpees.

Trent Janssen

Trent did our first challenge as well with his brothers, but this time he was going solo. Trent unleashed 33 push-ups, 28 mountain climbers, 40 tuck jumps, and 8 burpees in his 2-minutes.

Marana High School (Girls)

The Marana High girls of Jocelyn Salcido, Mackenzie Fenton, Libby Shields, and Shania Santos put together a good relay to role out 16 push-ups, 34 mountain climbers (official count), 50 tuck jumps (that's a lot!), and 7 burpees.

Great job done by all teams! We really appreciate your involvement. We will have our next Challenge on Monday but look for a fun "Easter Egg Hunt" AZ MileSplit style in our late Saturday or early Sunday edition.