Projecting The Season Ahead For Arizona Division 2

Mia Hall ran to a comfortable margin of victory for the individual state title last fall.

Following on the heels of breakdowns of what the season ahead might look like for Division 1, Division 3, andDivision 4, this article completes the series with a look at Arizona's Division 2.

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For Division 3, last year's champions were Gilbert (boys) and Flagstaff (girls). The Flagstaff girls won going away, but Gilbert had to turn aside a serious challenge from Flagstaff to win their title. And Gilbert won it on depth, building their entire margin of victory at the fourth and fifth scoring positions. 

With each new year, last year's champions come in for a measure of evaluation. Can they repeat? Can anyone write a different ending to the story this year? We'll attempt to answer those questions, plus a few more, in the following two pages. 

2021 Arizona Division 2 Cross Country Projections