Workout Wednesday: Desert Vista Combo Workout

We caught up with the Desert Vista Boys for this week's Workout Wednesday, for what they call a "Combo Workout" just a few mornings before Desert Twilight.

Coach Hanson Says...

"We start with what we call a 'Quality Dynamic' warm up, followed by a 'steady distance/effort' run, then we will meet at the park across from DV for a 'threshold' run, then back to the track for a 'critical velocity' repeat, and a 'goal pace' repeat.  Finally, we will finish with a faster than 'goal pace' repeat. Then we do 6x200m, some stadiums, and finally a 'shake out' finish. Followed by core, stretching and rolling.

The Thunder would go on to win the Boys Sweepstakes race with 89 points and an 18 second spread between their scoring 1-5.