Salute To Seniors: Hagstrom’s Long Way To The Top

Name: Tanner Hagstrom

School: North Canyon High School

400m -- 48.62 @ Ron Smith Classic
800m -- 1:54.58 @ Arizona Meet of Champions
Spring of 2018 was a breakout season for Hagstrom in a new event. At Chandler Rotary, he ran an AZ #1 time of 1:54.80 in the two-lap race to place third in the Invitational race. He ended his season at the State Meet, where was part of the Rattler's 4x400m squad that executed a State leading time of 3:17.68. Post-season, ran a PR of 1:54.58 in the 800m at the Arizona Meet of Champions.
Where are you from and when did you begin running?
I am from Seattle, Washington but have lived in Phoenix, Arizona most of my life. I started running freshman year when my sister said I should do track to help get conditioned for football.
What was your most memorable moment?
(Right: Hagstrom finished 5th in the Invitational Boys 800m race at the Arcadia Invitational with his second performance under 1:55.-photo by Louis Amestoy)
This is a hard one. I have a couple but I do have to say it was my elite 800-meter race at the Arcadia Invitational this year, leading and finishing in the top five among the fasted kids in the nation put me on cloud nine and I was honestly so happy.
Did you listen to music before competing? If so what's on your playlist?
I listen to AC/DC, pretty much all their classics before all my big races. I've been doing this for years. It puts me in a great mood and into race mode.
Who would you consider your biggest competitor over your four years?
I think the biggest competitor I had, was Jericho Cleveland even though we ran only in one race together I remember how I tried to push myself as hard as him probably the most aggressive I have raced.
What was your greatest accomplishment?
Honestly my greatest accomplishment has to be getting and committing to University of Arizona.
If you could do it all over again what would you change about your running career in high school?
I would take track more seriously when I started at the beginning of high school. I only started my junior year running seriously.
What were the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome?
Giving so much time and effort to it, not taking a day off ever. I honestly stopped working because of track. I worked weekends and missed weekend practices all the time and my coach just said this, "If you're going to make your goals you can't miss a single practice. No days off."
What will you miss the most about competing for your team?
I'm going to miss the team honestly. I love my team at north canyon like they are my family. I'm going to miss my coaches the most though.
What advice would you give to younger athletes?
If you want to be good and you want to make it to college and succeed your goals, then you have to go all in, nothing out you are committed or not. Track is a year-round d sport pretty much if you are going to want to improve to be the best. Take no days off, never a miss a practice, and always do what your coach tells you to do. The small things matter the most, like the things your coach tells you to do at home. Lastly, have fun. succeeding in something you work so hard for is the best feeling in the world and you will be rewarded.
What influence has your coach had with respect to your performance and overall life goals?
Everything my coaches made me who I am, they gave me the tools to be successful and that's exactly what happened.
What are your college plans? Have you decided on a major?
Yes! I will be majoring in Computer Science programming, I am very excited to take this head on for the next four years.
What made you decide to commit to the University of Arizona?
Honestly, I felt at home. I loved the team right away. Coach Harvey did everything right and treated me so well. I felt very wanted on my visit and was talking to them the whole time. They did my recruiting the smoothest and I felt already at home even though I wasn't even there yet.

You've had a lot of success in the 400m and 800m races. Which do you think will likely be your specialty as a Wildcat?

I think it's going to be the 800m. I'm so excited to run it this season with the competition I'll have from teammates to other teams. I have a lot of work ahead of me but I'm ready!
Who would you like to thank for your success in high school?
First my family, they always if they could come out and watch me race they did so supportive I love my family, my coaches of course AJ, Jason shaped me into the two-lap monster that I am today. Lastly my teammates and friends I love them to death and even though we may be splitting to different places still got a lot of love for them!
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Yes. Not everyone in track finishes top in the state there first year they run, and also you may have not found your main even till your senior year. I say this because this was me I didn't run the 800 until the last race of my junior season and all of my senior season. Lastly until I started getting coached by AJ I ran a 54 second 400m my sophomore year then a 49.9 my junior and a 48.5 my senior year. It's all about mindset, effort and who is guiding you.

Fun Stuff!

What's your favorite vacation spot?
I really love going to Hawaii. I've only been twice in my life but my most recent trip was very fun. I had a blast scuba diving in the coral reefs, cliff jumping into the ocean, you name it.
What's the last movie you watched?
Actually, it was Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, if anyone knows me they know I always am watching Star Wars.
What's your favorite sports team or favorite professional athlete?
My favorite sports team is the Seattle Seahawks, Go Hawks! I am Seattle born so I always support my boys. My favorite athlete has to be Marshawn Lynch or Beast Mode, when he played for the Hawks. He was my favorite NFL player of all time.
What was your favorite subject in school?
I definitely love math the most. Maybe not love, but it's the most challenging to me and it really makes me work to get good at it and I love that. It's also very satisfying when you know your stuff.
What are you most excited to do when you get to Tucson?
To move in, start my new chapter in my life and being a Wildcat. I could never be more excited to get on that track and start putting in work.