Callusing Workout With Leo Daschbach

While Leo Daschbach was waiting to found out if he'd made it into the Boys Mile at Brooks PR, Coach Monty set up a killer workout with speed and threshold components to sharpen him up one last time. With Coach away on vacation, teammate Gavin Ray stepped up to time the reps.

1600m: 4:25 - 4:30
400m jog
6 x 400m: 62 - 65 / 150-200m rest between reps
400m jog
800m: 2:12 (Leo was aiming for 2:02 - 2:05, but this was about closing fast.)
This past weekend, Daschbach was named Cross Country and Track and Field Athlete of the Year by AZ Central. Just two weeks ago Daschbach ran 3:49 in the 1500m and 1:53 for 800m at the USATF Arizona State Championships for Youth, Open, and Masters athletes.