Flagstaff Gets Back Into The Rhythm Of Buffalo Park

Last week, we caught up with the Flagstaff Eagles at Buffalo Park for some quick practice before their time-trial on the same course. Here, the Flagstaff team was split into groups that completed between 2-5 repeats of the 'right-side loop', the last to be covered by the competition at the Peaks Invitational. "It's a little shy of a mile but it is a nice loop that we like to use at Buffalo Park," says Head Coach Trina Painter.
The goal for the Eagles was simply to become familiar with their home course, and so they ran the loop at a 'comfortably hard pace' with about 2 minutes rest in between.
The Eagles have swept the D2 team titles for the past four years, and they hope to make it five this November.
This Saturday, Flagstaff will host their annual Peaks Invitational as the traditional season opener for many schools in the north.
Workout Outline:
2-mile warm up
dynamic drills
2-5 repeats of 'right side loop' (approx. 1400m in length)
2-mile cool down to Flagstaff HS
static stretch

P.S. There have been some concerns in the past of people unable to hear the videos. To those who can't, hover over the bottom left-hand side and drag the volume dot to the right.

Post-Workout Interviews

Flagstaff Boys - Flagstaff Girls