Virtual Challenge #1: 1-Mile Run

The below video is a quick thank you to all of you who have supported us over the years and our way of finding creative outlets for our high school athletes to participate in "competitive" virtual endeavors during this unfathomable time in our country's history.

Thank You & Team Virtual Mile


  1. Run a mile and video (Go-Pro, iPhone, etc.) or have proof that you ran a particular time and distance (use a Garmin, running apps, etc.). 
  2. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND SOCIAL DISTANCING ON YOUR OWN, whether it be on the road, park, trail or treadmill.
  3. Have a "team" of 3 runners from your same school (same gender).
  4. ONLY one of the members needs to run at least a 5:15 mile (boy) or 6:15 mile (girl).
  5. We will take the total time of the three runners, which will become your entry into the meet. For example, boy #1 runs 5:00, boy #2 runs 5:00,  boy #3 runs 4:30 = Team time of 14:30.
  6. Please make sure you clearly state your FULL NAME, HIGH SCHOOL, THE OTHER MEMBERS ON YOUR TEAM AND TIME in an email or upload.
  7. Send videos or proof of your time (give us pics of after your run or videos) by 6 PM, Saturday evening (March 21st) to or share your virtual challenge here.
  8. Have integrity. The honor system will be used, ultimately.
  9. We will show all videos of the runners on our site for free on Sunday evening and will announce the two winners as well.
  10. If you want to share these on your social media pages, please do with #milesplitazvirtual.
  11. The two winning teams will be interviewed for an upcoming article in MileSplit AZ the following week. 

Good luck and let's get this virtual mile rolling!