Interview with Lauren Ping | DV Frosh Superstar

Lauren Ping at last year's New Balance outdoor championships.

Ping does some Flagstaff social distancing

We had the opportunity to speak with the phenomenal freshman from Desert Vista, Lauren Ping, this past Saturday while she was social distancing with her family up in Flagstaff, Arizona. She ran a 4:48 in our virtual mile event a couple of weeks back and we wanted to ask her some questions about the abrupt ending to this track season, her goals and plans for the summer and fall.

In the below interview you will witness a young woman who had aspirations for big things this year on the track; but even though they are most likely not going to occur, she remains poised, confident and ready for the next challenge that lays before her - whether that be a late summer track meet or fall cross country.

Thank you, Lauren, for giving us a few minutes and sharing with us your thoughts. 

Interview with Lauren Ping on Saturday, April 11