Everything you want to know as a fan about track and field. 

A Fan's Guide to Track and Field

A Fan's Guide to the Long Jump Apr 23, 2015

Field events have deep roots in the history of Olympics and the history of measuring human capability. Seemingly, they come from the practical skills of warriors from ancient times.

A Fan's Guide to the Pole Vault Apr 8, 2015

Common responses from telling people that you are a pole vaulter typically include some amazement with a lot of confusion. So, for those who have ever seen a pole vault competition and wondered "why" or "how" we do what we do, this article is for you.

A Fan's Guide to the 1600m Rob Versaw Feb 14, 2015

I love the mile, so why not write about something I love on Valentine's Day? This article contains everything a track and field fan should know about the 1600m.

A Fan's Guide to the Shot Put Feb 7, 2015

Contributing author and NCAA Division 2 All-American Nick Zehring explains everything a track fan should know about throwing a shot put.

A Fan's Guide to the 800m Rob Versaw Jan 21, 2015

There is often debate about whether the 800m is the most difficult event in track and field. This article will not settle that. What this article is intended to do is explain how the race works and what you as a fan should watch out for.