Projecting The Season Ahead For Arizona Division 1

Kayla Case helped keep Highland very close last fall. Can she and her Highland teammates do more this year?

Back on Friday, we posted a preseason preview of prospects in Arizona's Division 3. We're back today with Division 1. 

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Last fall, Brophy College Preparatory toppled Desert Vista for the boys' state title. That margin of victory, however, was a relatively narrow gap of 10 points. Over on the girls' side, Desert Vista edged Highland in one of the closest Division 1 contests we've seen in several years. 

It's a whole new season this fall, but it will be worth the price of admission if things come back as close this fall as they were last fall. We'll take closer looks at Division Girls, then at Division 1 Boys, on the pages that follow.

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2021 Arizona Division 1 Cross Country Projections