Perry Puma Last Chance Div 3 & 4 2021

Gilbert, AZ
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Meet Information

Perry Puma Last Chance Meet Info

Perry High School Last Chance Meet

1919 E. Queen Creek Road

Gilbert, AZ  85297

Date: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 Division 3 & 4

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 Division 1 & 2

Welcome to the Perry High School Last Chance meet. We are pleased to be hosting this exceptional track meet.  Enclosed you will find important information about the meet. This will be a state-qualifying meet for 1-4, and considered a NON-SCORING MEET.

Meet Director: Jennifer Burks - Perry High School Athletic Director: (480) 224-2822 email: . Questions may also be directed to Clif McKenzie, Boys Head Coach,  480-381-2806 or 

Payment: The entry fee is: 1-6 athletes entered will be $20.00 each, 7+ will be $125 per gender

All payments should be made to: CUSD Community Education.   Payment is due by April 26, 2021.  Please mail check to 1525 West Frye Rd,  Chandler, AZ 85224

Entries:Each school will be allowed unlimited entries per individual event and one (1) relay team per school.   All AIA Track & Field Modifications (COVID Protocol) will be followed.  (see protocol Attachment A). Please remember this is a last chance to move up in the rankings to qualify for state. Each event will be limited, BUT with the meet being held on two separate days we feel confident that athletes will not be rejected. There will be hog lines for field events, these will be established as we get closer to the meet date.

Again, please do not enter athletes just to get another chance to participate. The goal is to allow the athletes a final chance to qualify for the State Meet. All entries must be from a 2020 meet that utilized a F.A.T. electronic timing system.  Converted times will not be accepted!  Entries will be entered on Milesplit and MUST be entered by Saturday May 1, 2021  Midnight. ALL changes will be done at the clerking table and/or field event. REGISTER on Milesplit  Perry Puma Last Chance Meet.  Make sure if you are Division 3 or 4 to enter May 4th, and Division 1 & 2 enter May 5th.

State Qualification:

There will be three certified meet officials, lane inspectors, wind readings for all long jump, triple jump, 100, 200 and high hurdle events.  All timing will be FAT. The meet results will be posted on milesplit.

Admission Fee: Coaches and Athletes in uniform will be admitted free.  THERE WILL ONLY BE 2 ADULTS PER ATHLETE ALLOWED, and purchased on gofans for $5.00 (plus convenience fee)    A link will be emailed to the athletic director of each school. 

Team camps must be set up in the west field behind the home stadium.  Team tents can be grouped together as a cohort. No other outside tent can be added to a group. Team tents must be at least 6ft apart on all sides.


All track events will run as finals (heats against time), in multiple-sections as needed.

100, 200, 400, hurdle events will start and finish in the same lanes.

Distance events will use a single or double waterfall start depending on the # of entries for the 1600m and 3200m. The 800m will be box alley starts. 

Track athletes must check in with the clerk of the course in the bullpen at the south end of the track to pick up hip numbers.

Boys track races will go first followed by girls.

Relays: all 4 athletes must report to the starting line.

4 x400 relay will be a three turn stagger.

Four (4) attempts will be given in the horizontal jumps.  Four (4) attempts will be given in the throws.

Throwersmust have their own javelins, and for shot put and discus we encourage athletes to bring their own shots and discs. Weigh in will take place at the North end of the track near the concession stands - Javelin will be from 8:45a-9:15a, shot put and discus will be from 2:30p-3:15p.  Each athlete will get 4 attempts, but there will be a hog line (will provide April 30th  or sooner).  The javelin will take place in the grass pit field just west of the home stands. 

Pole Vault forms will be provided in coaches packets. Pole Vault will increase in 6 increments, then 3. Special heights due to records and state qualifying will be implemented if needed.  Field events will have an area designated for 1 coach from each school. Boys will go first, followed by girls.

Long Jump: Boys and girls will compete at the same time.  Triple jump will follow upon completion of long jump.   Both long and triple will be done in flights.  If an athlete leaves prior to completion of their jumps they must check out, and immediately return after their other event.  We will not wait for them to return prior to going to the next flight.  Each athlete will get 4 attempts, but there will be a hog line.

High Jump: Girls will go first, followed by boys. 

Official rules will follow NFHS rules. Uniform rules, and Electronic devices will not be allowed on or inside the track. This also applies for field events. 

Coachs boxes will be provided for coaches at each field event. Please make sure your event coach checks in with the head event judge.  For track events, NO coach will be allowed on or inside the Track. 

Warm up areas will be provided on the dirt road south of the track, and upon completion of javelin the pitfield west of home stadium. 

Clerkingwill be set upsouth of the infield

Games committee will be announced at the coaches meeting.


  • Infield will be used for staging races.   The infield is NOT for warming up.

  • Concessions will be available (pre-packaged and credit card only)

  • There will be no awards given.

  • Trash bags will be provided for each team camp.

  • Coaches hospitality will be provided for each team.

  • Results will be online 

  • 1 set of heat sheets will be provided to each team in their packet.

Trainer will be available on the infield, please review trainer information that will be emailed with final schedule after entries close. 

Parking: There will be no parking in the bus lanes.  Buses will park in the bus barn lot, and spectators will park in the student parking lot north of the track.

If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

Clif McKenzie

Boys Head Coach

Perry HS 480-381-2806


Weigh in times: javelin 8:30am-9:15am, shot put and discus 2:30pm - 3:15pm.

Javelin 10am pm on the pit field (athletes with current marks only may enter) Boys followed by girls

3:15  Coaches Meeting - near the start line on the infield

3:30p  Boys Shot  &  Girls Discus

3:30p  Long Jump pit open for warm up runs. Triple jump will follow (15 min per flight for run thrus)

3:30p  Boys Pole Vault followed by girls

4:00pGirls High Jump followed by boys

Running Boys followed by Girls (rolling schedule)

4:00    110/100 hurdles 

3200m Relay



400m Relay


300 H




1600m Relay

** We will keep a rolling schedule. Please make sure your athletes listen to calls. 


 AIA Track & Field Modifications (COVID Protocol) 

This document provides guidance and game modifications for schools, game administrators, coaches, players, and officials to follow in accordance with NFHS, state and local restrictions and recommendations. Game Administration is responsible for informing all participants of local guidelines for participation.

  Teams should bring enough shade tents for athletes to accommodate athletes, managers and coaches and are required to allow for social distancing of athletes.

  Masks are to be worn by athletes at all times except while competing. 

  Coaches are to wear masks at all times. Mesh masks do not meet this requirement.

  Spectators may attend at the discretion of the host school. Spectators must also be masked.

  Spectators should be spaced 6 feet apart at the ticket gate.

  Spectators must purchase online tickets.

  Spectators should socially distance in the stands and not be allowed into the team camp area.


o   Athletes are to bring their own labeled water bottles and should also bring hand sanitizer.

o   One team should enter the facility at a time. Others should wait in their bus or remain socially distanced until the other team enters.

o   Coaches must fill out the Covid-19 questionnaire for their team and coaches. This should be turned into the meet director during packet pick-up

o   Coaches meetings will occur on site if they can socially distance and they must wear masks.

o   When not competing, athletes should remain in their team camp area and not co-mingle with other teams.

o   Designated warm up areas will be provided.

o   In a team huddle there is to be no hand holding.

o   A team may still do a team chant.

o   Non racers should NOT be a part of the team huddle.

o   Teams are expected to clean up their team camp area prior to departing the meet.

o   Team camp areas must be large enough to allow for teams to spread out. The meet director may assign team camp areas

o   Coaches hospitality rooms should have designated servers who have masks and gloves, and will serve pre-packaged food only.


o   Trainers and student trainers all need to wear a mask

o   If an athlete is to interact with a medical personnel or trainer; they are to wear a mask.

o   Check in and post-race water tables need to have single use cups.

o   Personnel filling cups should remain constant and not change.

o   Cups at check in and postrace (beyond the finish line) should be handed out by gloved individuals.

o   Should the conditions warrant, these modifications will be adjusted. Any further update will be sent to coaches.


o   Will be 15 minutes prior to race time or during 1st call  to report. Announcements will be made.

o   Throwing events: Athletes will retrieve their own implements.

  Establish a rotation for throwing

  Exit ring, stand to side

  Next thrower

  Retrieve while the next throw is being measured.

  If throwers are sharing an implement with a teammate they should be wiped down in between throws.

o   Vault and high jump

  Mats will be sprayed with disinfectant regularly

o   Distance Runs:

  Fields should be no more than 18 per heat for the 800

  Fields should be no more than 24 per heat for the 1600

  Fields should be no more than 28 for the 3200

o   Sprints:

  Blocks will be sprayed with disinfectant after races.


o   All meet personnel must wear masks. Mesh masks do not meet this requirement.

o   Finish line crew and anyone else who may touch an athlete must wear masks and should wear gloves.


Perry High School Athletic Trainers will provide/perform: 

1. Multiple drinking stations with water for all athletes. 

2. Ice bags for same day injuries. 

3. Any form of taping for all athletes who provide taping supplies (tape, pre-wrap, heel & lace pads etc.) for the tape job  they need. Any athletes that need to be taped, and dont supply their own tape will be charged $2.00 per athlete.  4. Any first aid, i.e. wound care, to all athletes injured during the course of the Invite.  

We will be unable to provide/perform: 

1. Massage of any type Pre or Post race. 

2. Sun Screen, Gatorade, replacement spikes or spike wrenches. 

3. A shady place to sit or hang out, unless suffering from a heat related condition as determined by the Athletic Training  Staff. 

4. Ice for personal bottles, jugs, or uses other than injuries. 

5. Elastic wraps for pre or post-race injuries. We will wrap any athlete that brings an elastic wrap with them.6. Icy Hot or any other form of heat balms or lotions. 

7. Tape for mark spots for relays/ jumps and or to keep shoes together. 

8. Trainers will not provide oxygen unless it is a medical emergency.

Please remind all your athletes with allergies or that are prone to allergic reactions/attacks to bring all inhalers or  medications required in case they have an episode. 

Please make us aware of any of your athletes that are diabetic and remind them to have plenty of snacks/drinks with  them, to keep their blood sugar from dipping too low. 

Lastly, please make sure that you have an emergency transport form for all your athletes participating in the event that  they sustain an injury that requires transport by ambulance to the ER. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Allyson Romero, Head Athletic Trainer


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