Alhambra Last Chance 2022

Phoenix, AZ

Meet Information




Alhambra Last Chance State Qualifying Meet

April 27, 2022

Alhambra High School

2:00PM Implement Weigh In

Coaches Meeting for submission of forms

Pole Vault weigh in sheet required for competition (see attached)

2:30 PM Girls Long Jump (Best flight followed by open pit) Boys upon completion

Boys Triple Jump (Best flight followed by open pit) Girls upon completion

Girls High Jump/Boysupon completion

Boys Pole Vault/Girls upon completion

Girls Shot Put/Boys upon completion

Boys Discus/Girls upon completion

Girls Javelin/Boys upon completion

4x800 M Relay - Boys followed by girls

110 M Hurdles

100 M Hurdles

100 M

1600 M

4 x 100 M Relay

400 M

300 M Hurdles

800 M Run

200 M

3200 M

4x400 M Relay

Coaches: Coaches will NOT go on the field after the meet has begun, EXCEPT in emergencies.

Coaching: A high school team or individual shall be coached only by the governing board approved high school coach for that sport or team.

Bull Pen: Athletes not reporting on time will be automatically scratched.

Medical: Schools should bring their own medical kit, supplies and additional water and cups. An athletic trainer will be on site.

Electronic Timing: Afinish lynxsystem will be used.

Starting Blocks: Starting blocks will be provided.

(athletes are permitted to bring their own blocks.)

Official Rules: National Federation Track & Field rules will be used.

Scoring: This is a non-scoring meet.

Ties: All ties will be eliminated in the manner designated in the National Federation Rule Book.

Track Facilities:Eight lane all-weather tracks - triple jump, pole vault, and high jump runways are all-weather. inch or less spikes will be checked. Shot and discus rings are concrete. Long jump board is 18 inches wide. Triple jump boards are 20', 24', 32', 36', and 40'. Foam rubber pits will be used in the pole vault and high jump events. Each school shall provide their own batons.

All events will be finals only. Timed finals for track events, horizontal jumps and throws THREE throws/jumps per athlete in order to correspond with running event format.

Field Events (3 Attempts ONLY. All Finals.)

A. Javelin, Shot, and Discus

1. Participants will be placed in three (3) flights with the best flight competing last. The participants in the flight will compete in order with the individual with the best mark competing last.

2. Any competitor who arrives last because of other conflicting events may be placed in one of the later flights.

3. Each athlete will be allowed three (3) throws. Throws #1, #2 will not be marked if under the minimum line.

4. Discus min. measurement line Boys = 105' Girls = 80'

5. Shot Put min. measurement line Boys = 35' Girls = 25'

6. Javelin min. measurement Boys 115' Girls 80'

B. Long Jump and Triple Jump

1. Participants will be placed in three (3) flights with the best flight competing last. The participants in the flight will compete in order with the individual with the best mark competing last.

2. Each athlete will be allowed three (3) jumps. Jumps #1, #2 will not be marked, if under the minimum line.

3. Long Jumps minimum measurement line Boys = 17' Girls = 13'

4. Triple Jump min. measurement line will be determined at the coaches meeting.

C.Pole Vault

and High Jump - 5-alive method will be used. The bar will not be lowered and we

will not hold the bar for an extended period of time, if an athlete misses a

height, they may pass and continue at the next height. Each athlete will be allowed three (3) attempts. No finals.

1.Boy's Pole Vault will start at: 10' with 6" raises to 13' and then 3" raises.

2.Girl's Pole Vault will start at: 6' w/6" raises to 10' and then 3" raises.

3.Boy's High Jump to start at:5'6" with 2" raises to 6' 2" and then 1" raises.

4.Girl's High Jump to start at:4'4" and 2" raises to 5' 0", then 1" raises.

Contestants:Contestants shall report promptly to the event judge at the designated location when the event is called. A contestant shall be charged with an unsuccessful attempt if he/she does not complete the trial or indicate his/her passing it within one and a half minutes for pole vault (one minute in the long jump, triple jump, high jump shot put, and discus) after he/she has been excused by the event judge to participate in another event, he or she has ten minutes to return and be ready for their attempt.

Uniforms:Only high school-issued track and field uniforms may be worn; all relay uniforms must be identical. National Federation Rules apply for relays.


All appeals must be processed through the Meet Referee. No appeals will be processed on judgment calls of Meet Officials. The Meet Referee will be the final authority on rule infractions. The Jury of Appeals will act only on rule interpretations.

Jury of Appeals:

Michael Garcia

Dr. Wendy Truvillion

Sean Cantwell

Robert Mika

Gabriel Robles

Please submit your entrees toMilesplit nolater than11:59PM Monday April 25, 2022. If you have questions concerning entrees please contact Mary Wimmer at or 602-380-3054.