Brophy Fr. Olivier Inv. & Dutch Decathlon 2023

Phoenix, AZ

Meet Information

Fr. Harry Dutch Olivier

TRACK & FIELD at Brophy Sports Campus

Wednesday April 05, 2023; w/ Multis day II on Thursday April 6.

Wednesday Coaches Meeting 2:30 PM 4/05/23.


Field Events Warm up open at 2pm, Competition will begin at 3:00 PM

Running Events - begin at 3:00PM


Field Events (warm up at 2pm), competition will begin at 3:00 PM!

Shot Put(Girls followed by Boys)

Discus(Boys followed by Girls)

Long JumpBoys, followed by Girls 

Triple JumpGirls, followed by Boys

High JumpGirls followed by Boys

Pole VaultBoys followed by Girls

*Javelin (Thursday 12:30pm) Boys followed by Girls

Running Events - begin at 3:00 PM 

Boys decathlon 100m - 2:20pm

Event # 14 x 800 M Relay(Open&So) Girls/Boys

Event # 2100/110 High HurdlesGirls/Boys

Event # 3Open 100/110 High H.Girls/Boys

Event # 4100 Meter DashGirls/Boys

Event # 5Open 100 Meter DashGirls/Boys

Event # 61600 Meter RunGirls/Boys

Event # 7Open 1600 Meter RunGirls/Boys

Event # 84 x 100 Meter RelayGirls/Boys

Event # 9Open 4x100 Meter Relay Girls/Boys

Event # 10400 Meter DashGirls/Boys

Event # 11Open 400m DashGirls/Boys

Event # 12300 Meter HurdlesGirls/Boys

Event # 13Open 300 Meter HurdlesGirls/Boys

Event # 14800 Meter RunGirls/Boys

Event # 15 Open 800 Meter RunGirls/Boys

Event # 16200 Meter DashGirls/Boys

Event # 17Open 200 Meter DashGirls/Boys

Event # 183200 M Run with OpenCombined Girls and Boys 

Event # 194 x 400 Meter RelayGirls/Boys

1.  Number of entries per school: 3 entries (sophomore or younger) in each individual event and one entry in each of the relays.  There is a required minimum standard for entries into the Soph/Frosh section of this meet. Boys heats will be run first with the Girls heats to follow.  Varsity Open entries limited to 2 entries in individual events and one relay.  There will be a maximum of 16 varsity entries per individual event accepted into this meet selected by the top 16 seed times.  An exception to this is in the long distance races where additional entries will not extend the length of the meet - teams will be allowed 3 open entries in the 800m, 1600m, and 3200m and the field will be limited to the top 24.

The multis will follow the same team limits of 5 total participants.  The meet will cut the field down to a maximum of 24 multi athletes per gender.

2.  This meet will be an AIA sanctioned state qualifying meet.  

3.  Sophomore Team Scoring:10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 (boys, girls).  No Varsity team score.

4.   Varsity Awards and Sophomore Awards: 

Medals for the top three (3) places for boys, and girls.  

Team Trophies will be awarded for Sophomore Level 1st place Boys and Girls

5.  Track is all-weather.  1/4" or 1/8" spikes only.  No food or drink allowed on the FieldTurf infield inside the track.

6.  The Coaches meeting and hospitality will be at 2:30pm in the team room at the NW corner of the track.  Changes and scratches will be taken there - we will condense heats.  All running events are timed finals - there are no prelimsAthletes will check in on the infield at the tent located in the south end zone.  Hip numbers will be used for all races.

7. Long and Triple Jump - competitors will be allowed 4 jumps. All boys and all girls will jump in seeded flights. There will be no finals.  We will use 3 jumping pits, so athletes should listen to calls for their flights.  Jumpers will get their first jump measured, then there will be a minimum distance for measurement.  For the Frosh/Soph competition = Long Jump: 12 for girls and 16 for boys.  Triple jump minimum measurement: 25 for girls and 32 for boys.  For the Varsity Open competition = Long jump: 13 for girls and 17 for boys.  Triple jump minimum measurement will be 28 for girls and 35 for boys. 

There will be 3 sand pits used at this meet (all three are located at the North end of the BSC track stadium).  The runways will be referred to as the South Runway, North Runway, and the East Runway.  Flights scheduled for each Runway:

North Runway (triple jump) 3pm Girls triple jump Soph/Frosh flight 1, then GTJ Varsity Open flight 1.  Then 6:00pm Boys triple jump Soph/Frosh flight 1, then BTJ Soph/Frosh flight 2, then BTJ Varsity Open flight 1.

South Runway (long jump) 3pm Boys long jump Varsity Open flight 1, then BLJ Soph/Frosh flight 2, then BLJ Soph/Frosh flight 3.  Then 6pm Girls long jump Varsity Open flight 1, then GLJ Soph/Frosh flight 2, then GLJ Soph/Frosh flight 3.

East Runway 3pm Boys decathlon Long Jump, then Boys long jump Soph/Frosh flight 1.  Then 6:00 Girls long jump Soph/Frosh flight 1.

8. Shot Put and Discus: Implements will be weighed at the SW garage door opened storage area near the track finish line at 2:00. Throwers will get three throws and the top 9 will advance to finals for 3 additional throws.  Throwers will get their first throw measured, then there will be a minimum distance for measurement (hog line) -  Soph/Frosh Girls: 20 for shot put and 50 for discus. Soph/Frosh Boys: 30 shot put and 80 discus.  The minimum distance for measurement for Varsity Open girls will be 25 for shot put and 60 for discus, and for Varsity Open boys will be 35 shot put and 90 discus.

*We will run 2 discus rings at this meet.  The first flight of Soph/Frosh boys will start at 3pm on the West side, along with the first flight of Varsity Open boys at 3pm on the East side.

**We will also run 2 shot put circles at this meet.  The first flight of Soph/Frosh girls will start at 3pm on the West side, along with the first flight of Varsity Open girls at 3pm on the East side.

9. High Jump and Pole Vault: Pole vault coach verification form will be used for weight.  Pole vault opening height for girls will be 6'6, with 1'0 raises until 9'6, then 6....  Boys opening height will be 8'6, with 1'0 raises until 11'6, then 6....  High jump opening height for girls will be 4'1, with a 3 raises until 4'10, then 2..... Boys HJ will open at 4'10, with 3 raises until 5'10, then 2.....  Varsity Open athletes will be included with the Soph/Frosh competition.  The boys high jump might also include the decathlon competition high jumpers.

10. The Brophy Graham Family Sports Complex is located at 7th St. and Highland (entrance to Xavier College Prep).  There is limited parking there so buses will drop-off off teams at the track entrance (7th St & Highland) and then park at Brophy (Central Ave and Highland).

11.  Team camps will be outside the south turn of the track or in the east side field.  The limited bleacher space is for spectators and coaches.  Athletes can warm up on the FieldTurf infield, but no camping in there, and please no food, or drink inside the track.

12. Entry fee:  $390 per school ($195 boys and $195 girls).  Individual Multis entry fee $25.  Checks can be made payable to Brophy College Prep, and send to Brophy Track Invitational - 4701 N Central Ave  Phoenix, AZ 85012   (602) 264-5291.  Please send by Friday April 1, 2023. 

13.  Complete online entry at Milesplit.  When you enter athletes.  Only underclassmen (sophomores and freshmen) can be entered into the Frosh/Soph division.  Registration for multis - email Coach Bill Kalkman at

*Athlete event entry registration deadline is 7PM on Monday, April 3rd.

Dutch Decathlon and Heptathlon:

Day 1 events will be begin on Wednesday 4/13 at 2:20 pm (Decathlon - 100m, long jump*, shot put*, high jump**, 400m***;  Heptathlon - 100m hurdles, high jump****, shot put*, 200m*****).

The Day 2 events will begin at 12:00 noon on Thursday 4/14 (Decathlon - 110m hh, discus, pole vault, javelin, 1500m;  Heptathlon - long jump, javelin, 800m).

*separate area   ** After boys HJ    3* near 800m  4* with girls HJ  5* with meet 200m 

Registration for multis - email Coach Bill Kalkman at  

Estimated Time Schedule for Multis:

Day 1 events will be begin on Wednesday 4/5 at 2:20 pm

Decathlon - boys

2:30 100m,

3:15 long jump,

4:30 shot put

5:30 high jump (walk over to Central HS)

7:00 400m;  

Heptathlon - girls

2:20 100m hurdles,

3:00 high jump (walk over to Central HS)

6:00 shot put,

7:00 200m.

The Day 2 boys events will begin at 12:00 pm and girls at 2:00pm on Thursday 4/6

Decathlon - boys

12:00  110m hh,


 pole vault 



Heptathlon - girls 

2:00 long jump



Finish line and meet management services provided by Clyde Resendez with Wingfoot Finish.