Meet Information

65th Annual Buckeye Lions Club

Lanier Calvert Memorial Invitational

Boys & Girls

Track & Field Championships

APRIL 3,  2021





Starting blocks will be furnished.

Preliminary heats will start at 9:00 AM

The locker room facilities will be limited.  Each team is responsible for their valuables.

No coaches will be allowed on the field at any time during the running events.

For an athlete to gain entry onto the field he must be in uniform.

All athletes in uniform should enter onto the track through the pit at the SW corner of the football field.

All participants and managers, when not in an event, are expected to stay in warm-up area or in the stands. Warm-up area is on the baseball field.

No one is allowed to be practicing the shot put or discus in any part of the football field.  Warm-up will be made available at the event area.

Trainers will be provided.

Bus drivers are asked to drop off athletes at

the Fire Lane south of the track and then are asked to park in the new north east lot off of Apache Blvd.

Entry Fee:

Please submit the entry fee of $200 for boys and $200 for girls.  Please make your check or purchase order, with the check to follow, to Buckeye Union High School.


Luis Contreras                                FAX: 623-386-9711

Athletic Director                           E-mail:

Buckeye Union High School

1000 E. Narramore Ave.

Buckeye AZ 85326



Entry Form:

Please follow guidelines that are included on the last page of this packet.  Entries must be sent no later than 11:59pm on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31,  2021 at ATHLETIC.NET.Only scratches will be accepted on the day of the meet.



The following trophies will be awarded:  Champion, Runner-up, and Outstanding Performer.  Medals will be awarded to the first 8 places in each event. In addition, each athlete on the winning team will also receive an individual award. THIS IS THE 65th ANNUAL LIONS CLUB MEET. Medals will be presented to each coach at the end of the meet to give to their winning athletes.





Scoring will be as follows:  10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1. Scoring will be the same in all events and relays.



Preliminary heats will be run depending on the number of entries in each event.

Pole Vaulters: NO spikes over " will be allowed as we have an all-weather runway for both pole vault and long/triple jump.

Pole Vault will start at 9:00 AM for the boys and run straight through until finished.  Girls will be in the afternoon session

Starting height:  Boys-8 foot, Girls-6 foot.

The 200 Meter Dash will be run around a full curve.

The 400 Meter Relay Prelims will be run in the morning and finals in the afternoon.

The 800 Meter Run will be run in 2 heats, with the slow heat run first and the faster heat will follow.

Heats for the 1600 Meter Run, 3200 Meter Run & 3200 meter Relay will be determined by the number of entrants in each event.


Weigh In for Implements:

Shots and Discs will be weighed in our AFROTC Portable building south of the field. Weigh Ins will take place at 8:30 a.m. THE POLES FOR THE POLE VAULT WILL NOT BE WEIGHED. Please bring the completed Pole Vaulter's Verification Form (One for boys and One for Girls), Included in this Packet and submit at the Coaches' Meeting.  You are responsible for the accuracy of this information.

Coaches Meeting:

The Coaches meeting will be in the lobby of the new gym at 8:00 AM.  Please be on time, scratches will be made at this time.  NO ADDITIONS WILL BE MADE.

Each contestant will be restricted to 4 events, including relays.

Each school is limited to 4 entries in each event.

Hospitality Room will be available for Coaches, Officials, and Workers ONLY.

Admission will be $5 and AIA passes only. 

This meet will be a state qualifier for all teams.



Schedule of Events



 9:00 AM                             110 Meter Hurdles (Prelims)                   Boys

100 Meter Hurdles (Prelims)                   Girls

                                                                100 Meter Dash   (Prelims)                       Boys

                                                                100 Meter Dash (Prelims)                         Girls

                                                                400 Meter (Prelims)                                     Boys

                                                                400 Meter (Prelims)                                     Girls

                                                                4X800 Meter Relay (Finals)                      Boys

                                                                4X800 Meter Relay (Finals)                      Girls

                                                                300 Int Hurdles (Prelims)                          Boys

                                                                300 Int Hurdles (Prelims)                          Girls

                                                                200 Meter Dash (Prelims)                         Boys

                                                                200 Meter Dash (Prelims)                         Girls



            9:00 AM-10:30 AM  Girls Long Jump (Prelims)                        Open Pit (North Pit)

 10:45 PM-11:45 AM  Girls Long Jump (Finals)                           Open Pit (North Pit)

 9:00 AM-10:30 AM        Boys Long Jump (Prelims)                       Open Pit (South Pit)

10:45 AM-11:45 AM     Boys Long Jump (Finals)                           Open Pit (South Pit)

1:00 PM-2:30 PM  Girls Triple Jump (Prelims)                      Open Pit (North Pit)

 2:45 PM-3:45 PM  Girls Triple Jump (Finals)                          Open Pit (North Pit)

 1:00 PM-2:30 PM           Boys Triple Jump (Prelims)                     Open Pit (South Pit)

 2:45 PM-3:45 PM  Boys Triple Jump (Finals)                         Open Pit (South Pit)  9:00 AM  Boys Shot Put Prelims & Finals

                                                                Girls in the Afternoon Session

 9:00 AM                  Girls Discus Prelims & Finals

                                                                Boys in the Afternoon Session

 9:00 AM                             Boys Pole Vault Prelims & Finals

                                                                Girls in the Afternoon Session

 9:00 AM                             Girls High Jump Prelims & Finals

                                                                Boys in the Afternoon Session


The Afternoon Session will begin 1 hr. after last preliminary event

                                                                110 Meter High Hurdles                             Boys

                                                                100 Meter High Hurdles                             Girls

100 Meter Dash                                              Boys

                                                                100 Meter Dash                                              Girls

                                                                1600 Meter Run                                              Boys

                                                                1600 Meter Run                                              Girls

                                                                4X100 Relay                                                      Boys

                                                                4X100 Relay                                                      Girls

                                                                400 Meter Dash                                              Boys

                                                                400 Meter Dash                                              Girls

                                                                300 Int Hurdles                                               Boys

                                                                300 Int Hurdles                                               Girls

                                                                800 Meter Run                                                 Boys

                                                                800 Meter Run                                                 Girls

                                                                200 Meter Dash                                              Boys

                                                                200 Meter Dash                                              Girls

                                                                3200 Meter Run                                              Boys

                                                                3200 Meter Run                                              Girls

                                                                4X400 Meter Relay                                        Boys

                                                                4X400 Meter Relay                                        Girls


The javelin will be thrown on our Retention Field south of the campus. Running shoes or spikes will be allowed.




Times listed are just a guideline.  Running Events will be conducted on a running time schedule-PLEASE listen for the event announcements. Schedule may be adjusted at the coaches meeting.